Jun 8, 2021

User Expectations vs. Executive Realities

2021 has shown the world that the sports betting industry is a true gold rush.

Mergers, buyouts, funding announcements and strategic partnerships are littering the news showing how companies are jockying for position.

Unlike other industries where the thoughts, opinions and goals of executives are captured monthly, the sports betting industry had never captured the collective thoughts of its executives.

We remedied that. We were the first to capture the needs, wants and behaviors of the general American sports bettor and the first to measure the realities of how more than 200 sports betting executives are feeling about the market.

In parallel, we surveyed more than 800 American sports bettors to see how their experiences matched or differed from the realities of the executives.

In an industry where every user is important, there were clear disconnects between how executives viewed growth and user retention vs. what users found most important about keeping them coming back.

2021 State of the Sports Betting Industry

User Expectations vs. Executive Realities
June 2021

Money is being left on the table.

Executives see the path forward to user retention through product and users see a larger value in brand reputation.

Why aren't companies and users on the same page?

Executives find that PRODUCT is the most important key to gaining new users, while bettors find that brand is the most important element in retaining them.

When it comes to the most active bettors, ones that make daily bets, women (17%) are evenly split with men (18%).




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